May 14, 2010


Yesterday I finished the outer side of the sewing machine cover I was planning on making for a long time.

I used Moda's Momo fabric which I think is fun and whimsy, especially the little scissors piece. Very appropriate... he he

I tried to make a "soft" patchwork, and this is why I use the word "soft":

I measured the sewing machine, cut the batting first and arranged the fabrics in a way that would please me, taking into consideration which sides of it I would be seeing most of the time.

As you can see, it is not completely finished, since I still have to line it. But, the fat quarter set I bought was not sufficient, so I am still debating which fabric would look nice with it, although I won't be seeing much of it. Actually, hardly ever, but it's still a nice feeling to know that the lining is as important as the rest of the project, and to give it that extra bit of special attention as well.

These two cuts are the ones that I think would match most, out of all fabrics I have in my stash. Humm... still debating...

And since knitting is my leisure, while I was in pain, laboring through the best way to make the cover work (I actually haven't found a good pattern or tutorial that would fit my measurement needs) I rested with some very gratifying knit work:

I had the parts of this little princess cardie ready in two knitting evenings, but now I want to make it very precious by adding extra touches to it. I am thinking of adding a ribbon around the opening and collar from this very lovely fabric I have. I also started knitting a pair of pants or overalls (still don't know which) that would go with it. This yarn from Lang has the right coloring to go with the cardie and the fabric. Not sure yet how I will combine these four elements, but they just seem right together.

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