April 25, 2011

Starting on my new sketchbook
 - artfully bound by my daughter

Haven't done this in a while,
so I needed to collect my
"working on paper" materials.
Will keep you updated.

Perfect binding technique

April 23, 2011

I was missing some red in my life....

So this is the painting in progress
going on at this time.

Explosions and splashes of reds
on a big canvas
pretty much made my day.

My place isn't very big,
but I managed to create
a little painting niche.

And if I thought that sewing with
a tiny nosy kitten was challeging,
try to paint with such a
curious kitty creature around you...

... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
while she sleeps....

April 17, 2011



You might remember the sewing machine cover
 I made almost a year ago.
At that time I had recently bought a sewing machine
and engaged in my first sewing projects.
I managed only to make the cover - no lining - but,
in my laid back nature, I told myself that
as soon as I have enough expertise
I would try to make the lining.

Well, the time has come, and
although it was still a difficult task,
I managed, and quite to my satisfaction I must add,
to finally tackle it.
I am so proud!!!
Since I am a self taught "everything",
it may have been made in
a non-professional way and all,
but it works for me.

It is even reversible (small wonder and totally not intented).
I doubt that I could repeat the same process again,
but each time it's a new adventure and
I love the challenge.

April 4, 2011


The butterflies' quilt is coming along.
I managed to cut all the squares.
Will be appliqueing more butterflies
and trimming it with a dark red border.

Update post soon...

Look at the condition of my knitting needles...
(can you see the little teeths' mark on them?)

and what about the guilty look on Pinkie's face?

I left them unattended for 5 minutes
and she managed to ruin them.
Bad kitty!!!

(actually it's my fault.
Cat's can't go against their instincts.
It's our job, as responsible cat "parents"
to take care of things
that shouldn't be reached by them,
or worse, harm them.
Well, I've learned my lesson)

I love my bamboo knitting needles.
They're light, they're elegant, the color is gorgeous,
they slide so smoothly
and they have a beautiful sheen.

But new needles take time to get this way.
I suspect its the natural oils in our hands
that make them this way after some time.
Well, I'm working with
my new needles now
and it will take a while
for them to become that comfortable.

April 3, 2011

April 1, 2011


And the knitting goes on ...

I'm delighted with the soft touch
of this PIMA cotton.

The shine is great
and the color is gorgeous!!!


I really liked the way
my squares lap quilt turned out,
so I decided to make another one.

This time I started the easy way...
that is, appliqueing the butterflies first.

I chose this time Rue St. Germain pinks
and combined it with other fabrics I had.

Can't wait to see how
the whole thing will turn out.