June 28, 2011

I have been knitting non-stop.

I miss my sewing,
but I really want
to get this done.

I had back and two fronts
ready for this cardigan
for over a year now.
(who said I never finish my projects?)

It's the softest aran wool
by Debbie Bliss in lush
charcoal color.
I love the sheen of it.

So I sewed the parts and
am now working on a shawl collar
in soft cream.

I never follow a pattern.
I have something in mind
and I make a sketch of how
I want it to be.

But most of the time
I don't even stick to that. 
I keep changing shapes
and finishings, always based on what I
already have.
Most of the times it turns out right.

Or as I always put it:
it always turns right, because I
remake it as many times
needed to get it right. 

June 25, 2011

TEA CAKES by Free Spirit

It arrived yesterday
and I'm absolutely in love
with the beautiful colors

Didn't like the straps. Ripped them off.
Took the whole bag apart.
(very frustrating...)

Took some Rosebud Wine by
Lake House Dry Goods
and made new straps.
This time narrower.

Lined them with light batting

Sewed them back to the bag body
and voilá!!!
Final product

June 23, 2011


This is the tutorial I promised to post.

Since it's my first tutorial, please
bear with me
and do let me know
if you don't understand something.
I will do my best to
explain it to you.

Actually, questions will help me
improve my tutorial writing skills.



You will need:
Six 43,5cm strips of Jelly Roll
Four 110x8cm belt ties
One 78x43,5cm fabric for lining
One fatquarter for pocket
(Seams are included)

1. Cut six 43,5cm strips of Jelly Rolls;

2. Sew them together, right sides together;

3. Press seams open;

Belt ties:
4. Cut four 110cmx8cm strips of fabric;
5. Cut one end straight and the other side at an angle;

6. Sew them two by two right sides together leaving the straight sides open;
7. Turn strips right-side-out and press;

8. Put the lining fabric on top of the sewn strips and cut it the same size;

9. Put front of apron on lining right sides together;
10. Insert the strips of belt between the two fabrics pin the straight side of the belts to the top of each side of the apron. Pin loose portion of straps in place to prevent catching them in stitching;

11. Sew both fabrics together right sides together and backstitch twice the belts to the apron; leave an opening or rip a small opening for turning it right-side-out;
12. Turn it and press seams flat;
13. Slip-stitch lining opening closed.
14. Top stitch around;
15. Top stitch along the seams of the strips;

16. Take a fatquarter and fold it in the middle at the length, right sides together;
17. Sew all sides together leaving an opening or ripping an opening for turning it right-side-out;

18. Center the pocket on top of the finished apron, or 3cm from the bottom;
19. Sew bottom and sides on to apron;
20. Divide the pocket in four and sew a vertical seam to make the divisions.

Enjoy your apron
or make someone very
happy with it !


This is my version of the

Not very happy about
the outcome.

Still got to work on some details.
  1. For one thing, the placement of the straps is not very handy. The side pockets turned out very narrow.
  2. The measure for clipping the corners is very big. I ripped it open and measured 3cm (after I had stitched the whole 10cm which made the whole bag square).
  3. I would make longer straps.
  4. I would top stitch the opening.
But the pattern has a very easy assembly
and it's sure worth making variations
on the same theme.

June 22, 2011

Got to share this with you...

I found my dream studio:
take a look at this


Look at the space,
the high ceilings
the columns that divides it
in cozy niches

the beautiful windows
trimmed in white

the perfect lighting
the beautiful blues on the walls

(I found it at

My apron is finished.
I also took pictures of each step
and I will post my first attempt
at a tutorial.

But first, a preview of
the finished product.

June 21, 2011

Got to share this with you:

June 21, 2011

:: kudos, mom ::

i just gotta share... i love the way my mom's logical brain works.

step 1: i wanna learn something.

step 2: start now.


true though. a year ago my mom couldn't really sew so her solution was to simply buy a sewing machine and figure it out. now, not only is she understanding and practically writing tutorials but also, customizing and creating things. the outcomes look beautiful. i'm so happy and it gives me a green light on whatever i want to do as well. it's not even about "not wasting time" or "enjoying life" or any silly superficial cliche. it's just really, almost nike-like, just do it. love it! go mom!

click here to follow and read mom's blog!

(and yea, ps: i'm the most spoiled daughter in the planet. all sorts of bags and pouches and customized anythings and everythings. hee hee. i feel pleasurably guilty.)

(yea... ps2: my friends are also spoiled by my mom and love it too.)

Isn't she the most wonderful of daughters?

Follow her blog on:


Another day, another pouchie.

I've enlarged the pattern by 10%.
Next one I'm going to enlarge by 20%.
See how far I can stretch it... he he


June 18, 2011


The newest of the lot.
Nothing thrilling,
just a necessaire someone asked for.

I still have some scraps of
PLUME by Tula Pink.

It was actually the first fabric
I purchased on line and
I still love it.

June 16, 2011

I love Eline Pellinkhof's sense of design.

Take a look at this wall painting she has made.

Wouldn't you love to have
one of these on your wall?

June 15, 2011

I just received the fabric I ordered
from the Fatquartershop.

It's a Fat Quarter Bundle of
Robin Farmhouse Retreat
by Renee Nanneman
for Andover Fabrics in apricot.
Isn't this color adorable?

I love the muted quality of the tones
and the prints are really classics,
but in a new and refreshed version.

At first I thought I'd use it for a lapquilt,
but these fabrics really lend themselves
for little purses, necessaires, girly stuff.
So I don't know.

I've been meaning to make a skirt
for such a long time....

But, as amylouwho wrote in her blog,
the fear of cutting the fabric, etc etc...

Look how great her skirt turned out:

my new skirt, which I happen to be in love with.

Her skirt has an elastic band waist.
I want to make mine with a zipper,
so that's a step up in the difficulty level.

Maybe I should start with an elastic band?

June 9, 2011


I actually made a BAG!!!!!

... and from scratch!

I couldn't find a pattern that really fitted my needs,
so I thought - worst cenario:
 I ruin some fabric.

Well, it wasn't all that easy,
but I kept adapting it,
(had it lay around for a couple of weeks
since at some points I got discouraged)

but it finally paid off.

If I feel bold enough
I will try to post a tutorial soon.

June 8, 2011





(see my May 27 post)


(see my May 27 post)


(see my May 27 post)


So, as you can see, I love making these...
I added a little piece of twill tape
on one of the sides.
It's easy to carry this way.

(see my May 27 post)