June 30, 2010


For this soft and very fuzzy scarf,I used Lang yarns.

I don’t even know their names anymore,
since I’ve had this yarn for longer than a year
(and somehow, haven’t saved the labels).

I thought it looked so beautiful that it deserved
a fabric bag to store it.
Looking through my stash I found this very feminine print.
Such a bag truly upgrades the gift,
don’t you think so too?


Sophie's aunt chose the fabrics and brought along the tags. So this design is totally hers. I must say she made a great job coordinating the colors.
Guess who the recipient is?

Yes, yes, you got it right:


This is one side of it.

This is the other side.


our darling baby


Born this morning at 7:39 am

we are all new at this

new Mom and Dad
new Grandmas and Grandads
new Aunt and Uncle

This is a great day
What a fine addition to our planet Earth !!!

June 28, 2010


Yesterday I finished this play quilt. Not very big, some 90x90 cm.

I figured it will be useful in many ways: it can be used as a crib quilt,

or as a baby wrap

or as a cozy play quilt that can be laid on the floor for baby to play safely and
germs free on any rug and still keep us company in the living room.

June 24, 2010


Busy, busy, busy today.
As soon as I saw this fabric, I thought it would be
very appropriate for the
sewing needles case
I've been planning to
make for a long time now.

I cut out the inside layers (for sticking the needles) out of felt.
Very easy, no seams needed.

Since it is very small (8x10cm),
I just used a regular snap to close it.

June 23, 2010


In the meantime I made a slip cover for one of my folders

I have several folders where I keep inspiration ideas, tutorials

all sorted out by type of craft.
I know, you can store them in the hard drive of your computer

but I am still much of a paper person.
This is the fabric I chose for the new pillows:

I love the little kittens on one of them

I just had to share this with you, people.
That is such a great idea. No more going through your purse
desperately searching for the insistently ringing cell phone... he he

This great tutorial can be found at

Although it's in portuguese (by Leide Almeida) I'm sure it's easy to follow
since the pictures are vey clear and self-explanatory.


June 20, 2010


This afternoon I whipped up two pillows for my living room couch.
I can't believe it took me only three hours to make them.
Only four months ago I didn't even own a sewing machine !

I'm getting the hang of it, although I don't venture too much.

One pillow received a matching fabric on the back side.

For this other one I attempted a border. It didn't quite turn out as
I had planned, since I wanted a wider border. Oh well,
you can't win 'em all.

All the same, I am very pleased with the results.

June 19, 2010


Going through my Google Reader, I found this very inspiring wallpaper suggested by
www.bkinds.typepad.com . It's by Studio Nommo
Check out their beautiful patterns !

June 17, 2010



After many a winter the mat is ready. I've decided
to tie it close with a bow, so I sewed two
strips of fabric and attached them to the sides of
the mat when folded.

The mat is partially lined with a pvc transparent film which
is also on one side open, so eventually clean diapers can
be carried in it too.

as you can see, I made a little extra pillow for baby's comfort

and the pillow is detachable too !!!

as soon as I figure the making steps in the right order
I will place my first tutorial here !

June 14, 2010


While planning your vacation, don’t forget to take some knit work
(our knitting is as a bare necessity to us as is our toothbrush, right?).

NOBLEKNITS has some light travel knitting suggestions
(light to carry, he he). You might find something that inspires you to take along.
Check it out at: http://store.nobleknits.com/easy-knitting-patterns.html


Just saw this great idea for a father’s day card. Really ingenious!

Check the tutorial at


June 12, 2010


I don’t know about you, but I just love terry cloth. You know, the kind of fabric towels are made of. And I’m sure babies must love to snuggle with it, because it’s so soft, it maintains body temperature, it doesn’t crinckle and it has just the right “grip” surface, so it doesn’t slip, or feel slippery like other soft fabrics.

Just found this cute bunny at
http://www.etsy.com/shop/Bundled. It has this interesting combination of terry cloth and nice fabric that makes it more eye pleasing than just plain terry cloth. It also has a very simple but cute shape.

If baby is to young to enjoy, we will surely be pleased to see it adorning the crib or as a decor item in the nursery.

June 9, 2010

I'm posting A FEW PICTURES of a short vacation I'm taking away from home (and also to justify my lack of crafting... smile...)

It is in Sorocaba, a town an hour and half driving from Sao Paulo city.

This was taken from my Room with a View. It is cold now, since we're in the winter, but the fresh air and the food is great.

Luckily we have internet here, so I can keep you updated.

June 8, 2010

Great Idea



so simple and sooooooooooooo clever !!!

June 7, 2010

More from Carmelina

This is great inspiration, and really simple to do. I especially love the crochet border. Don't you?

I'm sorry to tell you that my blog is presenting some posting problems. Hope to solve it quickly. In the meantime I will continue sharing interesting sites and posts by fellow artists. Will keep you posted.

June 6, 2010

June 4, 2010

I've rearranged my studio (again... he he) and now I have two better defined areas.

The crafts area

and my painting area.

I've also started some journaling. Mixed media on paper. Let´s see where it takes me.

June 2, 2010

This is very cute !

found at http://keyka.typepad.com

June 1, 2010


Finished a pouch with zipper. It wasn’t as easy as I expected. Went through a lot of tutorials, and as usually, ended up doing it according to my own logic (which, by the way, may be the way a lot of people do it, but I just can’t seem to grasp it when following tutorials).

This is an inside view

Anyway, found my way of doing it and am ready to try it again. 

 Also starting some new knitwear with my favorite yarn of the moment. Valley Yarns'  Deerfield. Luscious 80% Alpaca, 20% Silk. The softest ever...

I love the color. It’s a deep marine green. I want to cable it all the way so it will be a medium heavy open cardigan for cold days.

We are entering winter here in the southern hemisphere, so it will be a cozy leisurely home wear sort of sweater.