July 22, 2010


Winters in Sao Paulo are usually very mild.
Not too cold, not too humid, very little rain.


But the last two weeks have been pretty tough
(for Brazilian standards, that is).
It has rained pouringly non-stop
and the temperatures hovered around
the 10 degrees Celsius.


So I guess I needed some sunshine,
and bright yellows.

I receveid my fabrics from Quilthome (http://www.quilthome.com/)
and was so uplifted by the colors and
freshness of the print that I sat down
immediately to sew something.
I started with a small quilt for my coffee table

And will go on sewing some throw
pillows for the couch and two armchair protectors.

On the same day, the animal print
I ordered from Fatquartershop (www.fatquartershop.com), arrived too.

I still don’t know what kind of baby stuff
I will be making with them,
but tag blankies are definitely a must.

1 comment:

  1. I love the combination of gray and yellow, it's so fresh and fun! Very nicely done!