July 28, 2010


I saw this idea on our local crafts TV show.
It’s a very cute pincushion, easy and quick to make.

So I made this pattern

And cut two fabrics in this shape

Sewed the right sides together and left
an opening on one of the narrow ends
(through which I was going to stuff it)

Stuffed it with the kind of soft material you use to stuff pillows and cushions

But only the wide section, which makes the body of the heart. The narrow ends are left unstuffed so that you can tie them in a bow.

Closed the opening with invisible stitching

And tied the ends into a bow.

Voilá !

Isn’t this easy to make?
Great for party favors, Christmas gifts, or just pampering friends.


  1. very nice and that seems to b easy but i won't manage do it!

  2. Hi Christine,

    Can I help you in any way? It really insn't difficult.
    I love the collages you make with fabric. I have you on my Google Reader and I get regular updates. I would like to try some too, but it takes a lot of programming and designing, seems to me.
    I would love for you to post a tutorial on it as a guest in my blog. Would you like to do that?

  3. Hello, thanks for your comment. these collages are sooo easy (much more than a pincushion) , i think that the most difficult is to find some nice paper and masking tapes. I'm going to Irland tomorrow with my husband and my daughter so i won't manage to do a tutorial before the end of august, sorry, but you just need paper and glue :). Thanks!

  4. J'aime beaucoup cette belle idée, je suis bien tentée d'essayer, merci pour ce tutoriel, ainsi pour pour cette petite visite chez moi !

  5. Vocêcomentando lá,eu comentando cá...adoro esse alfineteiro,qualquer hora dessas vou fazer alguns...bem bacana ara a gente presentear as amigas...sempre tá faltando um por perto,embora tenhamos um montão,né???
    obrigada também pelo carinho da visita..

  6. Esse é realmente muito fácil de fazer, Divânia. Se precisar de ajuda, é só pedir!