November 30, 2010


The project for this pouch has been
lying around for a veeeeeeeeeeery long time.
Months maybe.

The truth is that I was intimidaded
by the zipper, since all my attempts till now
have not been very successful
(though I must say that I gave up after nr. 2).

Anyway, since I have been really
slowed in my sewing projects because
of all the techniques I don't master,
I decided that the only way I could
learn to do things was to tackle them
and keep trying until I learn it.

Sounds very logical doesn't it,
but I'm not too good at dealing
with frustrations, especially after
I have put so much work,
energy and time into it.

Well, this one turned out right.
I am very pleased with the results
and have decided to make another
something with a zipper right away
so that I feel more confident and maybe get
a bit more familiarized with the process.

This is the outcome:

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  1. i love it!! i absolutely love it!