April 4, 2011

Look at the condition of my knitting needles...
(can you see the little teeths' mark on them?)

and what about the guilty look on Pinkie's face?

I left them unattended for 5 minutes
and she managed to ruin them.
Bad kitty!!!

(actually it's my fault.
Cat's can't go against their instincts.
It's our job, as responsible cat "parents"
to take care of things
that shouldn't be reached by them,
or worse, harm them.
Well, I've learned my lesson)

I love my bamboo knitting needles.
They're light, they're elegant, the color is gorgeous,
they slide so smoothly
and they have a beautiful sheen.

But new needles take time to get this way.
I suspect its the natural oils in our hands
that make them this way after some time.
Well, I'm working with
my new needles now
and it will take a while
for them to become that comfortable.

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