June 28, 2011

I have been knitting non-stop.

I miss my sewing,
but I really want
to get this done.

I had back and two fronts
ready for this cardigan
for over a year now.
(who said I never finish my projects?)

It's the softest aran wool
by Debbie Bliss in lush
charcoal color.
I love the sheen of it.

So I sewed the parts and
am now working on a shawl collar
in soft cream.

I never follow a pattern.
I have something in mind
and I make a sketch of how
I want it to be.

But most of the time
I don't even stick to that. 
I keep changing shapes
and finishings, always based on what I
already have.
Most of the times it turns out right.

Or as I always put it:
it always turns right, because I
remake it as many times
needed to get it right. 


  1. Hi, just dropping you a line in response to your comment left on Sew It's Finished... DNP stands for Disappearing 9 patch, if you google it you will find lot's of tutorials on it.
    Your knitting is lovely and so neat, keep it up you're almost done!

  2. Hi Michelle,
    That'svery sweet of you. I will check the tutorials.
    Maybe one day I will try to tackle such a huge work!