June 21, 2011

Got to share this with you:

June 21, 2011

:: kudos, mom ::

i just gotta share... i love the way my mom's logical brain works.

step 1: i wanna learn something.

step 2: start now.


true though. a year ago my mom couldn't really sew so her solution was to simply buy a sewing machine and figure it out. now, not only is she understanding and practically writing tutorials but also, customizing and creating things. the outcomes look beautiful. i'm so happy and it gives me a green light on whatever i want to do as well. it's not even about "not wasting time" or "enjoying life" or any silly superficial cliche. it's just really, almost nike-like, just do it. love it! go mom!

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(and yea, ps: i'm the most spoiled daughter in the planet. all sorts of bags and pouches and customized anythings and everythings. hee hee. i feel pleasurably guilty.)

(yea... ps2: my friends are also spoiled by my mom and love it too.)

Isn't she the most wonderful of daughters?

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