June 23, 2011


This is the tutorial I promised to post.

Since it's my first tutorial, please
bear with me
and do let me know
if you don't understand something.
I will do my best to
explain it to you.

Actually, questions will help me
improve my tutorial writing skills.



You will need:
Six 43,5cm strips of Jelly Roll
Four 110x8cm belt ties
One 78x43,5cm fabric for lining
One fatquarter for pocket
(Seams are included)

1. Cut six 43,5cm strips of Jelly Rolls;

2. Sew them together, right sides together;

3. Press seams open;

Belt ties:
4. Cut four 110cmx8cm strips of fabric;
5. Cut one end straight and the other side at an angle;

6. Sew them two by two right sides together leaving the straight sides open;
7. Turn strips right-side-out and press;

8. Put the lining fabric on top of the sewn strips and cut it the same size;

9. Put front of apron on lining right sides together;
10. Insert the strips of belt between the two fabrics pin the straight side of the belts to the top of each side of the apron. Pin loose portion of straps in place to prevent catching them in stitching;

11. Sew both fabrics together right sides together and backstitch twice the belts to the apron; leave an opening or rip a small opening for turning it right-side-out;
12. Turn it and press seams flat;
13. Slip-stitch lining opening closed.
14. Top stitch around;
15. Top stitch along the seams of the strips;

16. Take a fatquarter and fold it in the middle at the length, right sides together;
17. Sew all sides together leaving an opening or ripping an opening for turning it right-side-out;

18. Center the pocket on top of the finished apron, or 3cm from the bottom;
19. Sew bottom and sides on to apron;
20. Divide the pocket in four and sew a vertical seam to make the divisions.

Enjoy your apron
or make someone very
happy with it !

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