April 16, 2010

So I finally got all the material I needed to start creating my 2010 Winter Colletction.

Of course the major colour is pink, but a little blue, green and yellow won't hurt and will bring some spice and variety.
I made some Inspiration Boards and here they are:

Blue Cloud inspiration

Spring Meadow Inspiration

Pink Princess Inspiration

Soft Lavender

This is a cute little set of hoodie and shawl. I could not resist and bought it for our Baby Girl. And of course I want to personalize it, so I am knitting some little extra to go along with it. Haven´t decided what yet, but the most logical choice is a cardie, since it is a winter item. I thought of an off-white cardie with knitted or apliqued little hearts in it so it will belong to the set.

Next step is to pick the patterns and decide which kind of garment I am going to make. I have a choice of dresses, cardies, and onesies mainly. Still have a bathrobe on my mind and of course your basic handful of throws, pillows, blankies, etc.

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