November 30, 2010


The project for this pouch has been
lying around for a veeeeeeeeeeery long time.
Months maybe.

The truth is that I was intimidaded
by the zipper, since all my attempts till now
have not been very successful
(though I must say that I gave up after nr. 2).

Anyway, since I have been really
slowed in my sewing projects because
of all the techniques I don't master,
I decided that the only way I could
learn to do things was to tackle them
and keep trying until I learn it.

Sounds very logical doesn't it,
but I'm not too good at dealing
with frustrations, especially after
I have put so much work,
energy and time into it.

Well, this one turned out right.
I am very pleased with the results
and have decided to make another
something with a zipper right away
so that I feel more confident and maybe get
a bit more familiarized with the process.

This is the outcome:

November 15, 2010



The most adorable and friendly pussy cat.

And some more sewing.

This pillow is just the right size to give some back support for the long knitting hours sitting on the couch.
Just perfect!

Now I realize that it could use some embellishment, some trimming, a bias or some rick rack. Oh well, next time, next pillow.

November 2, 2010


Very slow week...
that is, for my sewing.

Knitting continues in full tempo